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855 BET

Keno game of 855Bet is designed for lottery-like players and drawing results for every 3-5 minutes from worldwide, extremely popular among players of all ages. The result of every Keno game will be showing on the screen, which is totally fair to players. With this Keno game, players will no longer need to go internet cafe to line up for the ticket but just play at home or any comfortable places, listen to music and enjoy the fun of winning. Besides, the online Keno has cut the risk of being a cheat and missing betting ticket, and players to place a bet at any time with no limitation.

IBC 2888

As a local brand in Cambodia, IBC2888 provides Keno bingo game with a familiar layout. There are many kinds of betting types of Keno that players can choose from, such as Over, Under, Odd, Even, Parlay, Range, Frequence, Smallest Number, and Biggest Number. Some more, the minimum bet for a single bet is the only 1 US dollar, and the maximum bet is up to 100 US dollars. Furthermore, the IBC2888 Keno game starts every 4 minutes, which is quick and straightforward. If you are new to Keno, IBC2888 has prepared a tutorial and rules description for you to ensure everyone understands how to play the game, and the condition of winning.